Wednesday, 30 July 2008

How to buy a car?

After returned back from Malaysia from visiting my hometown, i have lost my mind!! I have forgotten the password and been wondering what to do...!! Thanks God, I got it at last... (wowwww...!!) ...else, i have to re-create a new blog and start all over again... errrrr!!

Below is another 'funny' but truth 'story' that happened in China! Thanks to 'him' for sending me the email attachment and here it goes... to share with you all... enjoy...!!

Someone buy car with cash…. Happen in China….

Car dealer: Took 8 persons for 2.5hrs to count all the cash ($1, 50cens & 10cens notes), total cost: RMB 38,200

Buyer reply: You think I come here easy…? I need to carry 20kg cash and it’s very tiring also…

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