Monday, 17 August 2009

Accident or Unlucky (Part 1)

I believe, many of you have seen these photos. I got it few years ago from a friend thru email attachment. Anyway, frankly speaking, i do not know, how true of this. I means, it might be made by 'Photoshop program' or some sort like that but, its still a good and funny one... Hope you like it as much as i do...

Car upside down in the bay...
See guy standing on it?
Call the wrecker !

Coming back up...

...Almost there!

Ooops !!

Could have sworn!!
I set the brakes on that truck!
Time to get a Bigger Wrecker...!!

On the way up?
Again ...?
Ok, we got the car...
Let's get the other wrecker now!!


Who's gonna explain this one to the Insurance Guys??

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