Tuesday, 22 December 2009

World's Largest Objects (Part 2)

World's Largest Chair

This is not Photoshopped —it's an actual photograph of the world's largest chair, in the piazza of Manzano, Italy, a city of chair makers where it was created.

World's Largest Shoes

This is to believe as the world's largest pair of shoes are in Marikina City, Philippines. It took 77 days for the shoes to be built. The shoe is 5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters wide and 1.83 meters high.

World's Largest Pencil

This mother-of-all writing utensils weighs in at 21,500 lbs and stretches to 76 feet long and it’s a version of the classic No. 2. The huge pencil was built in New York by Ashrita Furman and many talented craftsmen.

World's Largest Crossword

The Ukrainian city of Lvov has recently installed what might just be the world's largest crossword (in physical size). The puzzle covers the entire side of a residential tower block that's approximately 30 meters tall. During the day the crossword appears empty - with the answers lighting up at night. The questions for the puzzle are located in different point of interests of the city: monuments, theatres, fountains etc. so people walking around the city can try to solve the puzzle and write down their answers. When night comes they can meet at this house and check how they did.

World's Largest Book

The award for largest published book goes to an author and scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael Hawley. The 133-pound book is five by seven feet, 112 pages, needs a gallon of ink for printing, and costs $2,000 to produce. Its title, “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Kingdom.”

World's Largest Lava Lamp

This is the worlds largest lava lamp currently in mass production. Manufactured by the Lava Lite company it stands over 4 ft tall and weights in at about 120 lbs. The globe alone takes up must of the weight as it can hold 10 gallons of liquid. It also runs on a 200 watt light bulb.

World's Largest Football Table

Here’s the largest table football game in the world. In fact, Table Football XXL is so huge, two entire soccer teams — 22 players — could face off with it, settling their challenges without ever setting foos on a real field. This monster was built by Amsterdam brewer Amstel, a stunt that coincided with the European Champions League Finals. If this wanted to buy this one, you’d need six flight cases just to ship it to you.

World's Largest Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water. Acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest swimming pool, it took five years to build, cost nearly ?1billion (British Pound) and the annual maintenance bill will be 2 million (British Pound).

The man-made saltwater lagoon has been attracting huge crowds to the San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarrobo, on Chile's southern coast. The saltwater pool contains 250,000 cubic metres of water and is even navigable in small boats.

World's Largest cravat

Tied around amphitheatre located in Pula, Croatia, home of the cravats. 800 kg, 8 m wide, widest part 26 m wide, knot deep 9m, 10000 m of cloath, 120 km of thread.

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