Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Real or Fake??

In today's technology, it's very difficult to assure that, a picture is true or fake. Many people can alter any pictures with the help of the latest program that available in the market today.

I, myself always stick in confusion whether can i believe with my own eyes on what i saw!

"A picture tells a thousand words" might not suitable to be used in this mordern world - just as my very personal opinion...

Below are some pictures which we quite often seen in the internet or been circulating as email attachments around the globe. Could you agree with me on REAL and FAKE of each of the below pictures? Lets see how...

01 Spiders Found in Iraq Desert - REAL

02 Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand - FAKE

03 Air Force Jets in USA Formation - FAKE

04 World's Biggest Dog - FAKE

(Remark: I have a blog on this earlier these. I doesn't know that, it was a 'fake dog'. My appology!)

05 Highest Bridge in the World - REAL

06 Largest Cat - REAL

07 Home Computer of the Future as Envisioned in 1954 - FAKE

08 Fishermen with Giant Catfish - REAL

09 Cloud Formation Resembles 'Hands of God' - FAKE

10 Black & White Twins - REAL

11 Albino Fawn - REAL

12 Illegal Alien Hides in Dashboard - REAL

13 Giant House Cat - FAKE

14 A Snake, Fishing - REAL

15 Giant Skeleton Found in Middle East - TRUE

16 Giant Texas Gator - REAL

17 Dog Meets Porcupine - REAL

18 Pres. Bush Fishing in Hurricane - FAKE

19 North Pole Sunset - FAKE

20 Giant Grizzly Bear - REAL

21 Wacky 'Drunk Building' - REAL

22 Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds - REAL

23 Strange Boat - REAL

24 Monster Crocodile in the Congo - REAL

25 Tourist Atop World Trade Center 911 - FAKE

26 Cruel Shoes - REAL

27 Amazingly Realistic Street Painting - REAL

28 Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai - REAL

29 Shark Attacks Helicopter - FAKE

30 Sandstorm in Iraq - REAL

31 Rare Amphibian Found in Malaysia - REAL

32 Cash Seized in Drug Bust - REAL
33 Carcass of Dead Mermaid - FAKE

34 Space Nebula Resembles Human Eye - REAL

35 Animal-Human Hybrid - FAKE

36 MiG Jet Fighter Found Buried in Iraq - REAL

37 Herman the Giant Bunny - REAL

38 The Sundarbans Ghost - FAKE

39 Live 'Worm' in Patient's Eye - REAL

40 Catfish Eats Rubber Ball - REAL

41 Christmas at Arlington Cemetery - REAL

42 Montana Forest Fire - REAL

Actually, you can check whether a picture or a story/statement that you saw or read from the internet is true or not by referring to:

...and, my only question here is, how REAL is "Snopes"?


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