Friday, 5 September 2008

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Crashes

01 - Jay Kay, the leadsinger of Jamiroquai band, happened to destroy his beautiful magenta Lamborghini Diablo SE30 (estimated $360000). Kay couldn’t manage the control when trying to turn. He was thrown onto the edge of the road as well as fined ฃ750. But we don’t care for Jay. And here is the result of the car crime.The magenta horse - or what was left.

02 - Charming mean girl Lindsey Lohan seems not to put much value to her black friend Mercedes-Benz CLK-350. She broke the car trying to escape the paparazzi. Oh yeah, she proved to be a real mean girl. If she were a good girl, she wouldn’t be hunted by these people.The celebrities can easily buy or crack any car. The actress also decided not to fall behind. They say easy come easy go …to the service parts. Bye bye, my little toy car, hope, we’ll see you on the heavens.

03 - Mr. Kerimov was listed as one of the richest individuals by the Forbes. Suleyman Kerimov is a Duma Member. Mr. Kerimov, 40, the owner of $7.1 billion treasure, once guessed he couldn’t be worse than the US celebrities. He bought a luxurious Ferrari Enzo car. When driving it after the rain he ran into the tree near the seashore in Nice, France. The car was traveling at high speeds though the maximum speed allowed there was only 35 miles per hour.And we see the result of crashed $ 1.2 million.

04 - One of the most expensive car crashes happened on Dec 15th, 2002. The English Channel was always known as a foggy place where cargo ships go down. It justifies the fact this time. About 3000 luxury cars with cost of 30 million Pounds sank down when the Norwegian carrier crashed into a container ship due to the fog. The bad weather prevented from saving the cars from the bottom of the sea. It was reported the carrier had the new Saabs, Volvos and BMWs. It is also known from a reliable source there was not only cars on the board but also the tractors…. Foggy winter night, gone down cars, what could be better? It’s like a pirate film of nowadays. But we got good news: the crew is still alive. And maybe someone is waiting for his car but the car became a new fish aquarium.

05 - It is funny but comedians also may cry.

Rowan Atkinson known as Mr.Bean got a new name of Mr.Bang. Rowan is known as a car collector. He started his collection in 1981. One of his best known cars is McLaren F1… or, more exactly, was McLaren F1. He bought this car to mark his success in “Bean – The Movie.” and used it for the family rides. The car’s considered to be the one of the world’s most exclusive cars and one of the fastest. The speed limit of the car is 240 miles per hour and only the Koenigsegg CCR and the Bougatti Veyron could overcome it. Mr.Bean drove this car when he crashed into a woman’s Rover Metro in 1999. The car was estimated US $1.2 million.

06 - Even if you know best and if you’re a wrestling legend it doesn’t matter that you can keep your kid away the crash. Nick Bolea Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s son, 17, couldn’t control his Toyota Supra on August 27, 2007. While diving he lost control and ran into a palm. The passenger Hulk Hogan’s son was seriously injured in the accident. But see the car! Poor yellow sunny Toyota looks like a broken piece of sunshine thrown onto the edge.

07 - Is there any place better for the exotic cars than LA? No. Hollywood, celebrities, expensive cars…The most expensive car crashes once occurred in Beverly Hills. It was assumed worth $1 billion. 17 most expensive cars were destroyed in BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. The exotic cars included two McLaren F1s, one Lamborghini Diablo, two Maseratis, a Porsche Boxster, a Bugatti Cobra, three Enzo Ferraris, a Bentley Bizarrini, a Gullwing Mercedes, a Rolls Royce, an Aston Martin Vanquish, and three Jaguars. The reason was… a tramp trying to cross the street in a wrong place. But some sources reports the thin fog was the reason for it. Who believes? It’s not the English Channel though it’s not clear if there was any celebrity in the cars. It’s wondering how much insurance companies lost on that day.

08 - A 30 year old actor Orlando Bloom remained safe and sound after the crash on October 12th. But his two Passengers were taken to the hospital. As you can see from the pics the women were seriously injured.The blood test showed he and his guests didn’t have any drugs or alcohol. But night club pastimes of celebrity cars live much to be desired. And the beautiful horses of the masters have to pay for such life.The crash happened when the actor and his guests were on the way to a nightclub.
Bloom ran into a parked car after the other car ram. And so here is the effect. The reason is once more paparazzi at least Orlando said so.

09 - A 21-year-old Martin Gegenfurtner, once happened to drive the car at about 137 mph in the in Germany. The source reports the car suddenly made a 90-degree turn on a dry and straight road, purled and jumped upside down in the woods. If you liked that car look upwards and remember what kind of car it was… You won’t recognize the car because the car looks quite different. And if you still have a desire to present your wife with this nice, please, think forty times and guess the sum of insurance. Otherwise after some misfortune turn it may look the following.

Lamborghini Murcielago, after...

10 - The most beautiful and exotic car is Bugatti Veyron and, unfortunately, the fastest one. The insurance for this car is a real headache for any insurance company. One of these beauties crashed in Britain. It cost 1.6 million bucks. All the papers and internet media sources burst out this news. This crash is thought to be the most expensive car crash among individual car crashes. The pleasant view of the car at the car exhibition fascinates and calls you to get it at all costs.

But one rainy usual morning it became a car without a nose.

The surprise is that the car wasn’t wrecked by a drunken star. But it was destroyed.


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sharma said...

What are some statistics on car crashes caused by people in the car distracting the driver?

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