Friday, 20 March 2009

Beijing Airport

Cost a reported 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)
Took less than 4 years to build
During construction had 50,000 workers on site
Floor Area 1.3 Million Square Metres
Over 4 Km Long Which Makes It The Worlds Largest Building
Has an Automated People Mover (A P M) which travels at 80 k/hr
Has 84 shops and over 100 restaurants

The main terminal building has a loor area of 1.3 million square metres - most o it under one roof.

An estimated 50 million passengers a year will pass through the airport.

During construction, 50,000 people worked on he site. Lord Foster, whose company designed it, said he building "moves the dialogue between scale and clarity to another level".

The terminal was commissioned, designed and built in just our years - less time than it took to conduct the public inquiry into Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

An architectural model of the building which is almost 4KM long. An automated people mover (APM) carries passengers around the terminal at speeds of 80kph.

Terminal 3's curved roof contains thousands of skylights.

Their orientation to the southeast is intended to maximize the heat gain from the early morning sun, helping to reduce the amount of energy expended by the structure for heating.

The golden tint, meanwhile, is meant to evoke the colours of Beijing's Forbidden City, the Ming Dynasty-era imperial palace at the city's centre.

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They even provide a runway for Pilots with very little experience with landings...!!

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