Monday, 23 March 2009

Car Warner - British Photographer

British photographer, Car Warner created a serie of photos utilizing food as scenery.
The images shows underwater caves, forests, beaches, sun ans cascades using fruits, vegetables and cheese.

Trees are made of brocolis, peas and basil. The roads are made with kumina, rocks with bread and clouds with cauliflowers.
To get the depth, photos are taken on 1.2 x2.4 meters tables. Moreover, dishes are disposed in layers to avoid having the food collapsing before the end of the shooting.

Italian Landscape with lassagna cart, fields of grains and clouds of mozarella, trees are parsley and basil. The village is cheese.

Carl Warner, the photographer, declare his incapacity to convince his kids to eat vegetables.

This cave is made of sea food , carots as stalagtites. The rocks are bread and the horizon cauliflowers.

Rice, coco nuts , different cereals, sky in cabbage leaves.

Trees of cabbage, rocks of sweet potatoes. Gorges are in bread. Sky is of red cabbage leaves.

The sea is made of sliced salmon and the rocks of potatoes and brea. A boat of green bean complete the landscape.

Mushrooms, sesame and other cereals.

Magnificent rainbow behind a forest of parsley and mountains of potatoes.

Houses of cheese. Stores and stall of pasta. Cereals and vegetables colors the street.

Italian Cuisine : vegetables, pastas, cheese.

Did you see the moutain of bread?

Creativity is impressive: balloons in fruits and vegetables, tres in brocolis, rocks of potatoes, fields of corn cobs, zucchinis and aspargus, village in cheese, church of carots...

Ham, cart of cressin on road of salami boarded by trees of bacon.

Main composants :
Ham : sky, mountains and river.
read : rocks.
Cressin : house walls and bridge.
Salami : roof of the house.

Alpine scene , made of cressin, ham, mortadella, pincetta and bread.

Aren’t you hungry yet??

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