Friday, 26 March 2010

Body of Google Earth

We’re not sure what the lake is called but the image is amazing. It looks just like a man with top hat and cane taking a walk across the countryside, quite literally.

A lake in Borborema, Brazil was designed in the shape of a man but we doubt whether the idea was to be seen from space as the regrowth within the lake looks quite old. Still, great idea.

Created as part of her Media Arts degree, student Melanie Coles created huge paintings of children’s book character Waldo, or Wally as he’s known outside America, to be placed on various rooftops in Vancouver, Canada, so everyone can play the Where’s Waldo game.

Surely, Melanie must have gained a first for her efforts because the images of her ‘Where on Earth Is Waldo?’ project are dotted all over the internet.

Another swanky house with inbuilt smiling face, this time with a body. It looks entirely intentional.

Casper the friendly ghost trying to make friends and influence people via Google Earth.

Likened to the face of Mother Earth, these kilometre-wide pair of Angelina Jolie-style lips can be found in the Sudanese region of West Darfur. The sides of the rocky canyon are about 40 meters high giving it the pout look.

Calm down boys! Yes, it’s real, and not only can you touch it, if you book a trip to Sicily (which seems to have a few strange sights for a little island) you can walk and lie all over this babe, too. That should keep some people happy. They’d be desperate, but happy.

This fabulous peacock shape was created by the wake of a speed boat, and captured forever on Google Earth.

A monkey is on the loose somewhere in Mexico. The design resembles ancient Mesoamerican art, giving a clue to its age, though we’re not entirely sure. UPDATE: Okay, okay, the monkey’s in Peru. Take a chill pill guys.

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