Friday, 26 March 2010

Symbol of Google Earth

Finally, proof that giants did exist, and that they’re none too clever by leaving fingerprints behind. This tell-tale sign can be found in Hove Park, near Brighton and Hove in the UK. It measures 38 metres around. Imagine the size of the hand!

Don’t worry ladies; we’ve got something for you too. And although you can touch it and walk all over these half-mile long hill-top sperm, they’re not much use. Much like… no, that would be wrong.

You wouldn’t normally find New Zealand’s national symbol in the English countryside but in 1919, after World War I, New Zealand soldiers staying at camp in Beacon Hill in Wiltshire etched the bird into the grounds. A riot had broken out among the troops while they were waiting for their boats home so officers put them to work creating a giant kiwi along with the letters ‘NZ’ to keep the rowdy bunch out of trouble. The kiwi’s body is 6,100 sq m and the beak alone is 46 m long. That’s a big bird.

In the early days of Firefox, a few devoted fans wanted to generate more PR for their beloved site and so gathered a team of people in Amity, Oregon to recreate the Firefox logo in a field; their very own crop fox. It has long since grown out but this overlaid image is a recreation of the original design within Google Earth.

This swastika-shaped building on a US Navy base in California was never designed to entice as much speculation as it has. Some people think the architect designed the building purely to maximize light in the space given as well as to allow for greenspaces around the site. Others think the building should be amended so that it no longer looks like a symbol associated with so much bad history.

This celestial-looking triangle was spotted in the desert north of Vegas. We’re not sure what it is or why it was created, so if anyone has any clues, please enlighten us.

The effects of logging are all too visible when viewed from Google Earth, but, here, some of the loggers seem to have a conscience as well as an aesthetic eye, producing a chessboard-like landscape.

The farmer of this land has obviously gone all creative on his days off producing a great image of a tractor in one of the fields.

Few people will have not seen this image of one many sea-based hotels built in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is a unique man-made island built in the shape of a date palm tree. It consists of a trunk, 17 fronds and a surrounding crescent island, which forms a water-breaker. And don’t get us started on the damage caused to the environment during the build, and since.

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