Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Harbin Snow Ice festival (Part 2)

The Ice festival goes over a few kilometer. Neon lights strengthen the effect still more and from the background hear one quiet music.

Here an overview of the Ice festival. One could think, one is in Disneyland. Everywhere feeding and drinks stands are developed. The only difference the deep temperatures are and that everything is built from ice.

A palace in the Russian style

This wall is also an ice-skating rink, on which one can slip with high speed down.

A ship (a Dschunke), completely from ice built, with passengers on board.

The most popular activity with the festival is climbing on the large ice wall. The entire ice comes from china. the Songhua Jiang, a tributary of the Russian Amur.

Miniture buildings from around the world.

The Snow festival is a name for art, while the Ice festival is a mirror for architecture.

The City o New York.

Looking for the Future...

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