Monday, 8 June 2009


This is the world's longest Ferrari

This is, believe it or not, the world's first-ever Ferrari stretch limo: a 23-foot 360 Modena with eight seats and the biggest electric gullwing doors we've ever seen. It's the handiwork of Style Limousines in Manchester, which spent more than 200,000 British Pound modifying the rear-engined 360.

All eight of the seats are carbon-fibre buckets with five-point race harnesses - which might sound excessive until you discover that the 3.6-litre V8 remains, its 395bhp propelling the mega-Ferrari to 60mph in under six seconds. Could prove a challenge not to spill your cheap champagne.

Those gull-wing doors are nine-foot long and were designed by one of the teams responsible for the Mercedes SLR McLaren!!

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Julie Smith said...

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