Saturday, 9 August 2008

Amazing Beijing

Scorpions, most of them still alive, are seen skewered at a food stall in an old Chinese street market close to the touristic Wang Fujing street in downtown Beijing.

Popular Chinese delicacies such as cicadas and crispy seahorses are seen at a market in Beijing.

Miniature sculptures of Olympic events, made by Guo Futian, 52, are displayed at his home in Beijing. Maohou is a Chinese folk art form, in which artists build miniature sculptures using cicada sloughs and magnolia buds.

Hundreds of volunteers wave colourful bright fabric yet are barely visible, during the Olympic torch relay on the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China.

A baby girl with a heart-shaped Chinese flag stuck to her forehead sits in a pushchair in Beijing.

A man shows off his Olympic spectacles in Beijing.
Yao Ming holds the torch as he runs through the Tiananmen Gate during the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch relay.

A man looks at an Olympic-themed embossment in Huairou District of Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 4, 2008. Fan Xiulong, a farmer of Miaocheng Village of Huairou District, creates the embossment to express his good wishes for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The Beijing municipal government has decided to alter working hours for the city's state-owned enterprises from July 20 to September 20 to ensure smooth traffic during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August and September, the local press reports.

Left: Countdown clock in Tiananmen Square shows only 20 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds remaining until the start of the Olympics. (Photo credit: Zhang Yanhui/Xinhua)

Right: Peking University First Hospital obstetrician, Hu Baohong, delivers a baby on August 8, at 12:01a.m. (Photo credit: Hao Yuanzheng/Xinhua)

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A baby was born at exactly:
Eight minutes past eight;
On the eighth of the eighth 2008;
Weighing eight pounds!!!

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