Saturday, 29 November 2008

Two Headed Animals

We say, or at least some people say, that two heads are better than one. The Japanese say “sannin yoreba monchuu no chie” which roughly translates to "Three Heads Being Better Than One"... but, not always true!!

In China’s Hunan province a gecko has been found with a head on each of its body. The little fellow was found wandering to and fro, back and forth, going here and there, trying to make up his minds in an antique shop. He’s slow, but can go both directions.

“Where you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Where you want to go?”

In Japan, not wanting to be outdone by China, a two headed turtle was found in Moriyama. The little boy who found him named the amphibian ‘Takara’ meaning treasure. The cause? Researchers say it was NOT pollution but rather some sort of natural phenomenon. Takara is alive!

A double-headed red-eared slider turtle "Takara", named after a boy who found it at a park nearby and meaning "treasure" in Japanese, rests on leaves at Hinagiku nursery school in Moriyama, western Japan May 27, 2008.

A two faced cat.

A two headed goat.

A two headed snake.

Another two headed turtle.

A two headed lamb born in China.

A two headed arowana fish in an aquarium shop in Shah Alam. They are not dead but can’t swim either.

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