Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Where to Hold a Destination Wedding

Tie the knot like Adam and Eve in the exotic Eden of Jamaica Island, with only trees, waterfalls, and birds as your witnesses.

Stroll hand in hand into a fairytale fit for a king and a queen at Ireland's Ross Castle. If stone walls could speak, the medieval fort would tell tales of fierce battles and royal intrigues.

Being stranded on an island isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Swim the dazzling coral gardens of one of the Maldives thousand "Robinson Crusoe" lagoons and rescue will be far from your mind.

What hill- and mountain-climbing Jack and Jill could resist wedding at Lake Tahoe, one of the world’s bluest, purest and clearest bodies of water. Ski, swim, hike or bike the wilderness that surrounds its shores.

If you want picturesque, the tropical sunset vistas and colonial Spanish charm of San Juan's Paseo de la Princesa promenade deliver.

Spend "Some Enchanted Evening,"—or morning or afternoon—wedding your beloved on Lumahai Beach, a lush paradise immortalized in the movie "South Pacific".

A land born of volcanoes, Santorini's black and red beaches and famed Oia village are oft cited as evidence that the alluring Aegean isle may be the lost paradise of Atlantis.

Love springs eternal when the setting sun illuminates the timeless beauty of Capella di Vitalta, a renaissance chapel resting in the rolling Tuscan hills.

Get hitched at Vegas's New York New York Hotel and ride a 67 mph roller coaster past the Empire State Building.

Declare “I do” on Grace Bay on Turks and Caicos (less than an hour from Miami) then spend the honeymoon swimming, diving and reef-exploring in a crystal-blue sea. ...........

Edvard Grieg - "Morning"

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