Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Holocause

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was right when he gave the order to make as many films and photographs.

Its took place exactly as planned by the Nazis nearly sixty years ago...

It is a historical fact to remember that, when the Supreme Comander of the Allied Forces, Genaral DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER found the victims of the concentration camps, ordered to have as many photographs taken, and had the German population of the surrounding cities taken to the concentration camps to see the HORROR, and in some cases had them bury the dead.

...and the reason for this?? He explained it this way; "To collect as much prove, films, testimonies, because the day will come when some 'Son Of A Bitch' will say that this never happened".

All that is needed for evil to succeed is, that decent human beings do nothing'. (Edmund Burke)

Recently ‘The United Kingdom’ erased the Holocaust from the British School Curriculum because it offened ‘The Muslim Population Beliefs’ that the Holocaust never took place. Yes, the UNITED KINGDOM!!

This is an intimidating omen concerning the real that is affecting the world, and each country is allowing itself to be carried away too easily.

More than 60 years have passed since the end of WWII.

In memory of 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, priests, murdered, slaughtered, raped, burnt, humiliated... in the maintme, Germany and Russia had other priorities...

Now more than ever, countries such as Iran amongst other, declare that ‘The Holocaust Is A Myth’. It is now imperative to remind the world never to forget, ever...

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