Thursday, 23 April 2009

Presidential Pets In History

Four-legged friends are a time-honored White House tradition. President Taft had a cow. FDR had his terrier Fala. The Kennedys gave young Caroline a pony she named Macaroni. Lyndon Johnson had dogs named His and Her. Nixon had Checkers, the Fords had Liberty, the Clintons had Buddy the lab and Socks the cat, and the Bushes had Barney and Miss Beazley. Now the Obamas have Bo.

Here's a look back at at the most recent presidential pets:

President Taft's pet cow Pauline outside the State, War and Navy Building

FDR takes a drive with his terrier Fala

FDR and Fala at work

Fala en route to FDR's funeral

Harry Truman once received an unsolicited cocker spaniel as a gift. The dog was adopted by his physician.

The Kennedys with Caroline atop her pony Macaroni

Macaroni was allowed to graze on the front lawn of the White House

The Kennedys in Hyannis with a pack of pups

Lyndon Johnson holds his dog Her by the ears. To the left of Her is Johnson's other dog Him

Richard Nixon and Checkers

Susan Ford exiting the Oval Office with Liberty, the Ford family dog

Bill Clinton with Buddy

The Clintons' cat Socks gives a press conference

Socks is mobbed by paparazzi

George and Laura Bush with Barney and Spotty, respectively. Spotty's mother was Millie, George H.W. Bush's dog while in office.

President Bush tries to get Barney up the stairs to Air Force One.

Barney, left, romps around the White House lawn with newcomer Miss Beazley in 2005.

Bo meets the press.

Then walks the president

The most famous dog in America

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