Wednesday, 8 April 2009

World’s Tallest Man Now from Ukraine

Leonid Stadnik

According to the latest Guinness Record Book information the world’s tallest man was found in Ukraine. He is 8.4 (2.56 m) feet tall. They have visited him and would update the next book issue with his name.

Stadnik shuns the limelight and is dismayed by his physique. "I don't even know myself how tall I am or how much I weigh anymore," he says. He has spurned requests by Guinness officials to measure him, and even avoids looking at his own reflection in mirrors.

In the past three years, though, he has grown by more than a foot and is likely to become the tallest man in recorded history, beating the American Robert Pershing Wadlow, who reached 8ft 11in before his death in 1940.

"It's difficult to live with my height, it's a curse," he says. "Not long ago I fell and hurt my lip... To fall from such a height is... Ufff!" With a great sigh, he expels several litres of air.


Not gonna be in Guiness book. He refused to be measured by Guiness officials. Probably been adding a little to his height all along.

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