Sunday, 7 December 2008

Amazing Sight In The South Pacific

In November 2006, the yacht 'Maiken' was traveling in the South Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight -..... It was sand in the water, and the sand was floating

ON TOP of the waves... Look at these photos and try to imagine the feeling, the thrill of experiencing this phenomenon...

This is not a beach, it is volcanic stones floating on the water.

The trail left by the yacht..through the sand.

and then this was spotted... ash and steam rising from the ocean...

and, while they were watching...

A brand new island formed...

A plume of black ash...

Pretty wild, huh?

Tonga volcanic eruption seen by yacht crew
08 Nov 2006, 18:07 - The thrill of being the first to see a new island being created... where there was nothing before!!
Credit: Thanks to Isa a.k.a. Whatever from Canada for this wonderful sharing...
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