Wednesday, 10 December 2008

US Presidential Children (Part 1)

In this undated file photo, President Abraham Lincoln poses with his son Tad. As a youngster in the White House, Tad once hitched two goats to a chair and drove it into a sitting room where his unamused mother was giving a tour.

President Richard Nixon receives a mini surfboard from his daughters, Julie and Trisha, June 13, 1969 at the White House.

President Gerald Ford and his daughter Susan prepare for a White House diplomatic reception in 1974.

President Gerald Ford demonstrates his skill on a trampoline as his daughter Susan looks on at Camp David, Maryland in 1974.

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter is seen with his wife, Rosalyn, and their daughter, Amy, as he answers reporter's questions in front of the White House in Washington in this April 4, 1976.

Ronald Reagan plays with his daughter Patricia in the pool of their Pacific Palisades, Calif. home in 1966.

California Gov.-elect Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan, and two children, Patricia, 13 and Ronald Jr., 8, tour their new home, the Executive Mansion, after their arrival in Sacramento, Calif., in this Jan. 1, 1967.

President and Mrs. Reagan sent this family portrait to 'America's Family Album,' sponsored by Eastman Kodak Co., and slated for permanent display at the Statue of Liberty. Front row, from
left: Bess Reagan, Neil Reagan, Colleen Reagan (holding daughter Ashley), Cameron Reagan, The President, Mrs. Reagan, Doria Reagan, Anne Davis and Patricia Davis.
Back row: Maureen Reagan, Dennis Revell, Michael Reagan, Patti Davis, Ron Reagan, Geoffrey Davis and Dr. Richard Davis. This photo is dated 1985.

John F. Kennedy Jr. plays in the cockpit of a helicopter while visiting Camp David, Md., in this March 31, 1963.

The family of President John F. Kennedy vacations in this undated photo. From left: Caroline, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, John Jr. and President Kennedy.

President Kennedy and his son John Jr. stand hand-in-hand at the White House around 1963.

The Bush family is seen in front of their Kennebunkport, Maine, home on August 24, 1986.
BACK ROW: Margaret holding daughter Marshall, Marvin Bush, Bill LeBlond.
FRONT ROW: Neil Bush holding son Pierce, Sharon, George W. Bush holding daughter Barbara, Laura Bush holding daughter Jenna, Barbara Bush, George Bush, Sam LeBlond, Doro Bush Lebond, George P. (Jeb's son), Jeb Bush holding son Jebby, Columba Bush, and Noelle Bush

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