Tuesday, 9 December 2008

California Wildfires

At least 70 multimillion-dollar mansions have been destroyed by a powerful wildfire that has surged into the wealthy enclave of Montecito, northwest of Los Angeles.

The suburb, which is popular amongst billionaires and Hollywood actors, was in flames with more than 800 hectares engulfed.

More than 1,000 firefighters are tackling the Montecito fire - dubbed the Tea Fire locally because it is rumoured to have started in the Tea Gardens in the hills above Santa Barbara and Montecito.

Fires have also broken out in the exclusive suburb of Yorba Linda in Orange County.

Yorba Linda, like Montecito, is home to some large properties.

Firefighters fight flames in Granada Hills. Arnold Schwarzenneger has declared a state of emergency after the fires spread.

The pool deck of one Montecito mansion burnt brightly as the flames spread through the suburb.

Firefighters looked for hot spots as they desperately tried to stop the wildfires burning out of control in the hills of Montecito.

Around 2,500 Montecito residents were forced to flee the flames after a mandatory evacuation order.

Police were blocking unsafe roads and attempting to enforce the evacuation.

A year ago, 30 wildfires burned during one week in Southern California, destroying some 2,000 homes and forcing a record 500,000 residents to evacuate.

Barbara Pointer and her daughter Katie stand in front of the remains of their homes in Montecito.

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