Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bali Bombers Executed

The Bali bombers (L-R) Imam Samudera, Mukhlas and Amrozi smile after attending a mass prayer on Eid Al Fitr at Nusakambangan prison in 2006.

They were convicted of involvement in the devastation at the bombed-out site of the Sari nightclub in Kuta on Indonesia’s Bali island on October 13, 2002.

The three Muslim militants were executed simultaneously by a firing squad in Indonesia.
Supporters of the bombers take a moment of silence at Al Islam boarding school in Tenggulun to hear the news.

An Indonesia hardliner Muslim shouts "God is great" as the bodies of Amrozi and Muklas, alias Ali Gufron, arrive at Amrozi mother’s house.

Supporters of Amrozi and Mukhlas stand next to pictures of the three convicted bombers.

A supporter cries as the bodies are brought for the burial ceremony in Tenggulun, the home village of Amrozi and Ali Ghufron.

There were so many people at the funerals that some stood on platforms in order to get a better view.

Chairul Anwar, an older brother of Bali bomber Imam Samudra, prays in front of the grave for his brother in Serang.

Lulu Jamaluddin (in white shirt), the brother of Imam Samudra, carries his body through the streets between his neighbourhood mosque and graveyard.

Umar, the 12-year-old son of Bali bomber Imam Samudra, during the funeral procession of his father in Serang.

Thousands of people, including some hardliners, gathered for the funerals, sparking clashes with the police.

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