Saturday, 10 January 2009

Amazing X-rays (Part 2)

An X-ray showing a 6-1/2-inch pair of surgical scissors in the abdomen of 69-year-old Pat Skinner in Sydney, Australia in 2004. Skinner had an operation in May 2001, but continued to suffer intense pain and it was only when she insisted on an x-ray 18 months later that she discovered the scissors inside.

The x-ray of Ron Hunt's skull shows an 18-inch-long drill bit that pierced Hunt's eye socket and went through his head, just nudging his brain. Hunt, a Truckee, Calif., construction worker, fell off a ladder Friday, Aug. 15, 2003, and landed on the drill he was using at a construction site.

An X-ray of the pelvis of New York firefighter Matt Long, who was crushed by a Bear Sterns charter bus in 2003. Long, who wasn't expected to be able to walk again, ran the 2008 New York Marathon last month.

An X-ray show's a nail in the skull of Jed Bryant, from Rapid City, S.D., who suffered the injury at the construction site he worked at...

... a profile of Jed Bryant's skull.

An x-ray shows a nail embedded in the brain of an Israeli wounded in a suicide bombing in 2002 in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Karnei Shomron. Palestinian bombers pack screws and nails into their devices for deadly effect. The shrapnel in the bomb can cause brain damage if it enters the brain.

X-ray images show how a teenage boy cheated death when a 5-inch knife was plunged into his head. The 16-year-old and two other young men were injured when they tried to stop a friend from being robbed at a bus stop. He was rushed to hospital with the kitchen knife still stuck in his forehead after the attack in Walworth, south London, in November 2007.

This X-ray shows a 2-inch metal pin that was shot out of a garden tiller and into the brain of Chris Clear, a 19-year-old from Penrose, Colo. The x-ray was shot in Canon City, Colo., in late April after the freak accident, which, despite a trip to the emergency room on the day that it happened, went undetected for 48 hours.

A dental office X-ray reveals a four-inch nail embedded in the skull of Patrick Lawler, 23, which was removed at Littleton Adventist Hospital in suburban Denver in 2005. Lawler unknowingly shot himself with a nail gun while working at a ski resort and thought he was merely suffering a minor toothache and blurry vision as a result. When painkillers and ice failed to stop the ache six days later, he went to a dental office where the nail was discovered.

This X-ray shows a 3-inch nail in the head of a Houston carpenter that missed half a dozen vital areas by an eighth of an inch.

This X-ray shows a nail lodged in Linda Archipolo's head. Archipolo went to rehab for her brain injury after a three-inch nail, shot with a nail gun, accidentally went through two walls and landed her skull while she was working at a Burger King in Massapequa in 1981.

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