Friday, 2 January 2009

She is just like us

Feel like you know Michelle Obama already? That's because the first black First Lady in history is just like the people she represents. Namely, every one of us. The husband of Barack and the mom of Malia and Sasha, in other words, keeps it real. First up, she reads to kids!:

Above, Michelle, here on the trail reading to children at the ODU Child Study Center in Norfolk, Va., is an advocate of education. "Students can make the difference," she has said.

She has date nights with her hubby!: Michelle (here, with Barack at the Iowa State Fair) has revealed what keeps the spark alive in her marriage. "Barack is very romantic," she told Access Hollywood. "He always brings me flowers. We go on dates. When he was home a lot, we had date night."

She's got a signature move!: Michelle Obama told the ladies of ABC's "The View": "I have to be "greeted properly. Fist bump, please." How great will it be when she meets the Queen?

She loves family birthdays!: For Barack's big 4-3, the clan blew out candles for the cameras. But their private celebrations are a much bigger to-do, even though they don't do presents. "No," Michelle said in an interview with People mag, "We spend hundreds of dollars on a birthday party and movie tickets and pizza and popcorn."

She shops online!: Known for her everywoman taste and penchant for bright colors, Michelle visited the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in a $148 skirt and $90 cardigan she picked up on Michelle told Leno, "You can get good stuff online."

She kicks back with Mexican food!: The fam unwound as the tough campaign neared its end on Saturday at Jorge’s Sombrero restaurant in Pueblo, Colo. No one could blame them for indulging in everybody's favorite snack: Table chips and salsa.

She goes to Disneyland!: "I love the rides," Michelle has said. Maybe even a little too much. After giving her youngest daughter Sasha a fright on the Tower of Terror at the Anaheim, Calif., theme park, Michelle admitted to, "Now I can't persuade her to go on any rides. She's like, 'You don't have good judgment.’'"

She loves to dance!: Both Barack and Michelle have been known to cut a rug on the trail. But when Michelle danced her way onto “The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the host told her she was a better dancer than her husband. "I know!" she replied, "that's what I've been telling him."
Earlier this year on the campaign trail, Michelle said, "“You've never seen anyone like us before, and that's a little freaky, isn't it?” she asked a crowd on the campaign trail. "It's like, 'They’re real!' Well, guess what? Real people can be politicians, too. We as a country have grown suspicious of real. We take the fake."

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