Friday, 16 January 2009

Vietnam War

In the next ten days - 27 January 1973, it will be thirty-six years since the Paris Peace Accords were signed which ended direct US military involvement in the highly-politicised and controversial Vietnam War. We take a look at some of the images from that time…

An elderly Vietnamese couple evacuated by US Marines.

South Vietnamese soldiers carry a wounded civilian, while many others wait on the tarmac of Phu Bai American base to be evacuated to Da Nang hospital after their repatriation on medical grounds from the front line area of the city of Hue.

US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger gives a press conference after the signing of the ceasefire agreement in Paris.

South Vietnamese soldiers take a rest in the Trang Bang district near Saigon.

A huge Sky Crane CH-54A helicopter brought to Vietnam by the 1st Cavalry was used between 1958-1974.

Evacuated Vietnamese militants and civilians from Saigon await their C-41 journey to the US during a stopover in Thailand.

Demonstrators against the Vietnam War protest in New York City.

South Vietnamese students demonstrate in Paris against religious repression in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Demonstrators against the Vietnam War display banners in front of the White House in Washington on 20 April 1965.

Perched on a tank, soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army go through the gates of the South Vietnamese presidential palace.

A picture taken on 29 April 1967 in New York during the press conference of the world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali as he refused to go to the military service and fight in Vietnam.

Vietnam War veterans take part in a protest by piling their medals, decorations and awards in trash set down for the purpose in front of the Capitol during a demonstration in Washington.

A policeman in Washington arrests an angry demonstrator during a protest against the Vietnam War.

Vietnamese paratroopers jump from US Air Force C-123 transports in the initial air assault wave during Operation Phi Hoa II, a tactical air-ground envelopment strike during March 1963 against the Viet Cong in the Tay Ninh Province of South Vietnam.

Picture dated 8 February 1966 of F105 Thunderchiefs of the US bombing military and strategic targets in North Vietnam.

Unnamed image by CNN reporter Peter Arnett.

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