Sunday, 4 January 2009

Faces in the Sky

2nd December 2008

The rare positioning of Venus and Jupiter, combined with a crescent moon, made for some intriguing images in night skies around the world. Skywatchers in the Philippines saw a bright smile.

In the Israeli coastal city of Netanya, the moon and planets formed more of a triangle, but a smiling face could still be identified if one looked hard enough.

Houses in Hong Kong could see a face in the sky smiling down.

Observers of the night sky in the U.S. could also see a face, but not a happy one.

Cars in Dodge City, Kan., didn't get much encouragement from the sky, either.

This timed exposure shows a jet streaking across the night sky as it comes in for a landing at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, giving the face formed by Venus, Jupiter and the moon one heck of a mustache.

This is the picture taken by me with using my Canon Digital Camera with 5x zooming. The image is not very clear compare when i see with my bare eyes! Such an amazing image!!
Location picture taken: Kenthao, Sayaboury of Laos.

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