Saturday, 3 January 2009

Threats in disguise - Hidden weapons

Italian police discovered a gun disguised as a cell-phone when they arrested a Mafia gangster in Sicily last month. It's just one of many hidden deadly weapons used by sneaky criminals looking to stay one step above the law.

Small hidden guns confiscated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms included a modified belt buckle gun and a cigarette lighter pistol.

Philadelphia police officer Colleen McAlorum displays a knife blade concealed in a lipstick tube in 2001. Police in the city were warned to look out for students carrying hidden blades to schools.

An airport screener displays a knife hidden in a key that was discovered at an Oklahoma City airport security checkpoint in 2002.

Hiding explosives in shoes was exposed as a terrorist tactic with the arrest of Richard Reid.

A shoe with heel transmitter on display at the Spy Museum in Washington... eerily similar to the one used by Don Adams in 'Get Smart.'

Attorney Brian Haw displays an ultrasonic stun gun disguised as a pair of binoculars in 1989.

Gun disguised as a flashlight was state of the art in the 1950s.

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