Sunday, 18 January 2009

Inaugurations Through The Years

At their first round of inaugural balls in January 2001, President Bush Laura Bush - in festive crimson - enjoyed a dance at the Ohio Presidential Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center.

You don't usually see him smile, but here VP Dick Cheney spins wife Lynne Cheney on the dance floor at the Ohio Inaugural Ball in Washington on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2001.

Laura Bush has a taste for top-notch designers. The First Family went back to its Texas roots at the Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball. The First Lady wore a Carolina Herrera gown with western flair as she looked over at daughters Jenna, left, and Barbara.

He's rarely seen, but yes - he dances. Vice President Dick Cheney dances with his wife Lynne - dressed in red to salute the GOP - at the Liberty Ball at the Washington Convention Center Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005, in Washington.

The first time around, President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton were decked out at the MTV Ball at the Washington Convention Center Jan. 20, 1993. Sarah Phillips, who designed the sparkling violet-and-lace creation Mrs. Clinton wore to the 1993 inauguration, had less than two years experience as a designer.

President Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and their daughter Chelsea make an elegant family picture as they attend the Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball Monday night, Jan. 20, 1997 in Washington.

President George Bush and wife, Barbara - draped in a royal blue evening gown - dance on Jan. 20,1989 at the inaugural ball at the Pension Building in Washington.

Here the Reagans dance at their first round of inaugural balls on Jan.20,1981. They are shown here at the Pension Building in Washington with all the glitz and poise of the Hollywood couple they once were.

A close-up of the wispy First Lady in her elegant evening gloves in 1981.

President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter are pictured with their daughter Amy at the first of seven Inaugural Balls in Washington on Thursday, Jan. 20, 1977.

The Carters twirl across the dance floor - she in a lace brocade gown - at the inaugural ball at the Mayflower Hotel in 1977.

President Richard Nixon (1969-1973) and First Lady Pat Nixon - in a bead-encrusted gown - acknowledge a plaudite of guests at Inaugural ball held in the John F. Kennedy Center.

Later the pair danced the night away ...

Here, President Lyndon B. Johnson and wife Lady Bird wave good night as they leave the inaugural gala held at the National Guard Armory in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 1965. The president and first lady – wearing a dramatic fur – stayed until the very the end of the gala.

A glowing Mrs. John F. Kennedy is flanked by Vice President Lyndon Johnson (left) and her husband, President John F. Kennedy as they attend an Inaugural ball at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, 1961.

President John F. Kennedy takes a page from the Rat Pack when it comes formal attire. He's shown here in a dapper tuxedo with crooner Frank Sinatra at the Inaugural Ball.

Here, Sinatra escorts First Lady - and future style icon - Jacqueline Kennedy to the Inaugural Ball.

President Dwight Eisenhower holds the arm of his wife, first lady Mamie, as they leave the White House en route to inaugural balls in Washington January 20, 1953.

Mary Todd Lincoln in a full-skirted and flowing inaugural ball gown in 1861.

Oppps... i left this one...

Lady Bird Johnson models the full-lenth coat of double-woven satin with fur-trimmed sleeves that she wore to the Inaugural Ball on Januuary 20, 1969. The Jonquil yellow coat and classic style gown of matching material were designed by John Moore of New York.

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